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  • How I TAC – Hughandi

    Posted by Hughandi on April 30, 2021 at 8:26 am

    1.) How many days per week do you play?

    I’ve committed to 5 days per week but the various Covid lockdowns have had the positive effect of allowing me to play almost every day since I started.

    2.) What time of day do you play?

    The routine that works best for me is to play immediately after breakfast before any other distractions can appear.

    3.) Where do you play?

    I play in what used to be my home office but since retiring nearly four years ago has turned into my “Guitar Play Centre”. I’ll always take the guitar away with us in the Campervan as pictured complete with my Covid19 Easter Bonnet.

    4.) What was your guitar life like before having a guitar routine & how has implementing a consistent guitar routine helped you? (if possible name 3 ways).

    You could say I’m an accidental guitarist. My daughter went to China and left her guitar which I started to mess around with using various online material to learn. By the time I had broken the neck and had to replace her guitar I’d become hooked but felt I needed some proper tuition and structure to progress. With birthday money I was set to start lessons when the first Covid lockdown started so joined TAC instead and am very glad I did because:

    1.Its fun, I likeTonys style and the wacky names and preludes to the daily challenges.

    2.It has the structure I was looking for, do the daily challenge, don’t sweat if you struggle just do your best and gain support from other peoples comments and lo and behold you progress!

    3.On top of the Daily Challenges the skills area has proved really useful in focussing on some new areas like flatpicking and slide.

    4.Support from others has been key especially on the Virtual Open Mic sessions.

    5.) Bonus Question: What is one non-guitar item that is a must have in your guitar routine?

    My wife, who allows me to disappear and avoid chores for at least an hour a day sometimes 4 hours and who puts up with the strange sounds from my play Centre!

    Bill_Brown replied 3 years ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Bill_Brown

    April 30, 2021 at 9:40 am

    Hi @Hughandi , sounds like you’re having a lot of fun learning and playing!👍👍 Keep at it!😎

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