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  • losing my my long held biases

    Posted by Mrfredsporty on May 15, 2022 at 6:18 am

    Forgive me for this long winded small win self rant. Many many years ago when I was first beginning to dabble (and never learn) guitar, i was taught that fingerstyle was the only “proper” way to play and that one just never used a thumb on 6th string etc. Kind of guitar snobbery. Way back then I saw Roy Clark play Malaguenea (sp) on a twelve string using a flat pick !!! What!?! How could he dare to play it that way. Move on about 40 plus years to about now. I just saw Roy Clark flat pick that great great song again! WOW! Fantastic! Great etc!.What changed? Me! thats what changed. Ever since I joined tac Ive had my eyes and ears opened to the huge broad base of styles and methods of playing. It is so liberating! Now even I am trying a flat pick AND using my thumb on the sixth string. Thank you so much for everything. Now, as I am learning (again!) using my huge epiphone inspired by gibson hummingbird named Moose I try all methods and ways I never even dreamed of

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