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  • Missed Daily Challenges

    Posted by Tobi on August 21, 2021 at 5:24 pm

    Good evening everyone. New here and loving it. I have a question about the daily challenges. I will be going on vacation and will not be taking my guitar. After taking time off, do you typically just start back up with the “challenge of the day”? Or do you go back and play catch up with the “daily challenges” you missed? Thanks for your input on this. :*)

    Bill_Brown replied 2 years, 9 months ago 4 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • jumpinjeff

    August 21, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    Hi @Tobi , welcome to TAC. Have fun on your vacation! I don’t do the catch up thing. I am always applying my effort to the daily lesson at hand. The idea of playing what is in front of me and playing the heck outta it has served me well. Tomorrow is a new day. The best thing,… I don’t have to think about what will improve my playing. I just get to play what is presented.

    • Bill_Brown

      August 22, 2021 at 10:26 am


  • Kristin1

    August 22, 2021 at 1:53 am

    Hello @Tobi,

    there is no need to catch up with the daily challanges. Because at TAC you are never behind. You are just where you are, enjoing the progress. And trying to catch up usually makes us feel bad. Don´t do that to you. Just jump in with the “challange of the day” when you are back. The “vacation timed” daily challanges* will pop up again eventually anyway.

    But if you might take your guitar with you on a later holiday, maybe save all daily challanges (PDF) from now on. Than you will be able to print out the tabs of “vacation timed” challanges in advance and take them with you.

    * I don´t want to call them “missed” oder “left out”

    • Bill_Brown

      August 22, 2021 at 10:27 am


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