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  • Raking and Picking

    Posted by N-lightMike on February 24, 2022 at 12:12 pm

    One more time, I finally am able to do the lesson. I guess this is the year for me to have many wins. It takes effort to relax myself, but I can get each chord smoothly and at speed with the proper timing. It will take more work to be able to play this automatically, but I’m finally there where it is even a possibility.

    Oh, and the rake deserves special mention. I was able to do a rake the first time it came up in a lesson. However, it would happen once out of five tries. Certainly not reliable enough to actually play a rhythm progression where the rake is heard each time as it’s supposed to be. But now, I can do the rake every time.

    It’s been 32 months since I joined TAC. What a reward for following Tony’s method on a regular basis for this length of time. I’m sure that some people can make this progress faster, but then, some people may take longer. I believe everyone will get there if they stick to Tony’s daily lessons persistently.

    I guess, for me, what makes this perhaps the sweetest win I’ve had with the lessons is that this sound is the nirvana I’ve been trying to obtain. I want to do finger picking. But there is a lot of different styles of finger picking. The syncopated rhythm, the slow articulation of notes, and the “blues” notes makes this “what I’m looking for”. (“Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. U2)

    MG 😄😎

    The huge P.S. is I am playing “59th Street Bridge Song” the way Paul plays it. That’s pretty close to my all time favorite song. So that’s my real life example of syncopated rhythm, slow enough tempo to hear all the notes, and a blend of notes that makes it unique and interesting.

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