HUGE Guitar Lessons from Lightnin’ Hopkins • Acoustic Tuesday 207

Lightnin’ Hopkins is one of the greatest guitar players in American history — his playing has influenced generations of blues artists. If you want to learn how to play Lightnin’s songs, watch this lesson where he talks about some of his riffs and philosophy.

This episode will show you some important mechanics of Lightnin’ Hopkins’ playing while also diving into his musical philosophy. By the end of the video, you’ll gain some key insights on his playing and be able to apply some of his style and technique to your own guitar journey.

I love focusing on Lightnin’ Hopkins because so much of it has to do with feeling the music in your heart. Don’t get me wrong, theres plenty of technique to work on when emulating Lightnin’s playing, but there’s also a mindset you need to play music in his style.

Hopefully by the end of this episode, you’ll have a greater appreciation for this master of blues guitarist. Be sure to let me know in the comment which one of his blues guitar lessons helped you the most!

In addition to learning Lightnin’ Hopkins’ style, you’ll get a chance to try the TAC Tuesday Guitar Lick Challenge. You’ll be focusing on pull-offs and “punching” the rhythm.

And, finally, I’ve got a host of artists that I want to talk about on the Acoustic Guitar News segment. I also want to address some of my concerns about Gibson and their new guitar line.

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  1. Great show Tony as always.
    I just watched the most beautiful yet tragic documentry on a very talented musician named Colin Hay. The documentary is on YouTube and called ..Colin Hay waiting for my real life.. and is a very worthwhile 1hr 25mins of life spent.
    Just thought i’d mention it should anyone want to see it or if you wanted to add it to some content at some time as it certainly bought inspiration to me.

  2. So… Gibson is finally producing a new line of what I call “The poor man’s Gibson”.
    As I have been wanting a Gibson acoustic for years but just couldn’t justify shelling out over $4000 for an acoustic guitar.
    After receiving emails about the new line on the day they were released, I immediately started watching review videos. I then noticed that the local Guitar Center had one of the G-45 models in stock, so I went to check it out.
    Played it for about an hour and just fell in love with the thing.
    A very light guitar, the action from the factory was perfect and the guitar felt very comfortable.
    I thought the sound emulating from the “player port” gives the player a whole new listening experience while playing.
    (As I could hear all my mistakes clearer than ever) Hehehehee
    Anyway within a week I added the Gibson G-45 to my Guitarsenal and I love it.
    So if you see one in your local Guitar Shoppe I would suggest giving it a play, hey… it’s a Gibson for under $1200 🙂

  3. Awesome episode Tony!
    Thoroughly enjoyed learning of Lightning “I may be getting the blues bug”
    As for another artist profile a Chet Atkins episode would be at the top of my list his music really speaks to me and I would say he personifies a life long guitar geek.
    The incorporation of the Tuesday lick with AT really clicked for me this week, seeing “punch it” applied musically. Definitely adding it to the toolbox.
    Love the direction of utilizing AT in unison with TAC, it has been jet fuel for my guitar journey.
    Keep up the great work!!

  4. I’d love to see you do a feature on Chris Smithers. I think his guitar playing style is one of the most unique styles I have ever heard.

  5. I would like to see you review the music of J.J. Cale on acoustic Tuesday sometime. He definitely started his career in acoustic guitar but did go electric towards the end. He influenced and was influenced by many of the greats including Clapton. I would just like to see your perspective.

  6. Great segment! Old blues guys like Lightning are the epitome to me. Love Mississippi John Hurt, Elmore James etc who paved the way for Hendrix. Lowell George, too! A Bonnie Raitt feature would cover so much ground with acoustic, fingerstyle and electric slide styles. Thanks!

  7. Hea Tony, great show. Love the Lightnin Hopkins segment, i have most of his music. And about the new Gibsons dont know abought the sound hole patten dosent sound right.What i dont understand is this price thing, i checked out specs. and it looks like they are saving on the neck material (utile) think this is the stuff they make shower surrounds out of and what grade tops are they using.Guess will have to check one out. Also think your goalie better have more then one of those helmets, MY LIGHTNING team will be coming to Chicago on my birthday(march 6) to put some dents in it. Your friend Guy Bross in CHAMPA BAY FL.

  8. I love the artist profiles! I was just looking up Blind Willie McTell in Wicki yesterday but there was no music component.

    You however are doing it wonderfully. Giving us lessons from the Guitar Gods and bit and pieces of their history. Thank you so much, I really appreciated this episode particularly because I love the blues.

  9. I really enjoyed the Lightnin Hopkins lesson. What a great player. Gonna go back through it again for extra fun. I would vote for Joni Mitchel or Brian Sutton for a future AT episode.

  10. The trademark is of the name “Gibson Player Port”. It is not a patent on the sound port. Thus, they make no claim to rights to a sound port. They only make a claim to the use of the name “Player Port.”

  11. Loved the way you showed how to use this week’s lick in a variety of ways. So great! I plan to get me some Lightning Hopkins songs to enjoy! Thanks Tony

  12. Great show! I especially enjoyed how you put the Tuesday lick into context for multiple uses. I wish that more of the licks had that explanation to make them relevant. This is a big step forward for the show. Thanks

  13. Lightnin’ Hopkins. Totally awesome my friend. Thank you! Working on it now. The person I would like to see you address their guitar playing is Elvis.

  14. Hey Tone,
    You’re pretty heavy on the blues and bluegrass. I’m wondering if and when you might start expanding your focus to some of the classic rock guitarists that have done some pretty outstanding acoustic performances. For example, the following players came to mind: Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Roy Harper, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, etc. Seems to me that your audience and TAC membership would expand.