How to Hybrid (Chicken) Pick in 4 SIMPLE Steps • Acoustic Tuesday 223

Hybrid picking, also known as Chicken picking, is a tricky picking technique. But it doesn’t have to be.
This episode will break down this complex technique into 4 simple steps so you can add this technique to your acoustic guitar repertoire!

The basic premise of hybrid picking is to use both your flatpick and your fingers to play a picking pattern. The result is a super-fast, textured, and pronounced sound that is different from both fingerstyle and flatpicking. It’s extremely fun once you get it under your belt, and it’s sure to turn some heads when you bust it out.

Hybrid picking is difficult because it requires you to maintain control over your flatpick strokes while still executing a fingerpicking pattern. However, when done properly, you’ll be able to play some great riffs. For example, this week’s TAC Guitar Lick Challenge uses hybrid picking!

By the end of this episode, you’ll have four actionable steps to work towards to help you hybrid pick. So, whether you’re just looking to add a new technique to your arsenal or there’s a specific song that requires you to hybrid pick, I hope this lesson was helpful for you!

If you want to share what you thought about hybrid picking, be sure to drop a comment below and let me know how you use hybrid picking in your guitar routine!

Featured in this Episode…

  • The Fellowship of Acoustics New Featured Guitar
  • Atelier Rosenkrantz
  • J.B. Hart Music Co.
  • Dave Grohl’s New Book “The Storyteller”

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  1. Thanks Tony for the Chicken Picking lesson. You asked for requests for future lessons. I am struggling with Travis picking, specifically getting my thumb to keep a base pattern that is seperate and different from my picking finges. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Loved the sound of the Chicken Picking. I worked on this this evening but I am not getting the Slower part, which is the backward part? Using the B string and the 8-7-5-3 frets. I got lost on where the G chord comes in. I will be working on this again.

  3. Tony, Thank you for this . I’ve been trying to learn a style of picking for years. I play 12 string at
    church . This will be a great start for me. Bob BoJoFife

  4. One of your best AT shows in a long time. Loved the Chickin Pickin lesson, the TAC lick section and the miniature guitarsenal – I didn’t even know those mini guitars existed! I will check our Dave Grohl’s book. So many things to discover more about. But the highlight was you featuring that story about Evan and his Panterra. I saw this story before and was really touched. So glad you shared with a broad guitar geek audience. BTW I kind of like the sea foam green guitar. Not sure I’ll live long enough to see the patina develop but it looks cool as is.

  5. Absolutely enjoyed the “chicken pickin'” lesson. Best part, actual explanation of how to do it and then how to practice it, and then how to use it. HOW TO, WOOOOH HOOOOO!!

  6. I have often been a bleiver in “You can be a Great Guitar Player but a lousy teacher.” I have been teaching on estudent the joys of fingerpicking. She is doing well especially because she is in Oregon and I am in Michigan. This method of Hybrid picking is going to help her immensely and I know that I am going to insist that she watch your teching of this style instead of me. You do a great job in presenting material. Thank you!

  7. A year ago I would not have tried to play along. This year I followed along, not perfectly but actually doing some of the steps in sync and heard me actually playing some finger style – in time! Big win for me and my old decrepit fingers. Love it!