5 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars (2022) • Acoustic Tuesday 230

Taylor Guitars raises the bar for acoustic guitars. But how do you know which Taylor Guitar is right for your needs? Stay tuned to hear about some of the best Taylor Acoustic Guitars for 2022.

Taylor Guitars has been at the forefront of guitar making for decades. And they show no sign of stopping. Taylor Guitars was named one of the most innovative manufacturers by Fast Company — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Taylor Guitars actually stand the test of time. They look phenomenal. They play incredibly with a variety of tones and body styles to accommodate any player.

I haven’t liked every Taylor Guitar I’ve played, though. Sometimes they’re too chime-y or thin. Despite this, I think Taylor still makes some unforgettable acoustic guitars. That’s why this episode is covering the five best Taylor Acoustic Guitars.

In addition to hearing about Taylor Guitars, you’ll also see…

  • Jeff Jewitt
  • New York Rangers
  • Mike Dawes
  • Bluegrass Life

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  1. I have a 324CE Lefty, yes I am a lefty! It has a great tone and I had bone nut and saddle installed at factory. Sustain is very good all the way up the neck, Great guitar.

  2. Did the Tuesday on a Thursday loved the show and living in Michigan most of my life I’m a diehard Lions, Tigers, Redwings, and Pistons fan!!! Great exercise for the ring and pinky fingers. Really enjoying the program!!!

  3. Tony, this was a great video. I’m in my second week now as a member of the TAC fam and I am so happy to be here and thankful for you spending time to do this. I love your teaching style and the energy you bring to the lessons. Even helped me be confident enough to share my very first singing and playing video in the forums. Its rough, but I look forward to looking back on it when I’ve been here for a year. Thanks again.

  4. My first Acoustic Tuesday for the the win. Looking forward to my TAC journey, I’m in week one of 30 days to play. Playing guitar is fun again.

  5. Surprise! I found today’s episode particularly enjoyable. Guitar Sherpa David has 2 of the guitars on the list. I’m loving my (recently acquired used) 717e-BE and love the K14ce-BE. I’m glad you admit that looks do come into play. I love the 717e-BE sound, but also love that I picked one up with a more distinctive curved grained back matched with a top showing bear claw figuring.

    While more off the beaten trail, I’d love to see a show about some of the more “niche” Taylor guitars. For example, Taylor’s distinctive 8-string baritone guitars or the very special 2002 Liberty Tree guitars (both of mine YOU’VE played!).

    Guitar Sherpa David

  6. Tony,
    I was delighted to see you feature Taylor Guitar’s on Acoustic Tuesday. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say and truly admire Taylor’s commitment to sustainability across the globe. My first Taylor purchase, so far, has been a GS Mini Mahogany, which I purchased after listening to a past review you gave it. I love it and play it along with my Martin D16 GRT for all my TAC exercises. Thank you for the recommendation and thank you for the wonderful world of TAC. And since you brought up hockey I can’t close without a mention of Colorado’s Cale Makers overtime goal against your Chicago Blackhawks Marc-Andre Fleury. Pure magic and by far the play of the year in the NHL. I wonder if Cale plays the guitar? With hands like that he’d be a natural! Go AVS and Go TAC!

  7. I had never been a Taylor fan until recently. 50 years ago I was a Gibson fan, 30 years ago I became a Martin fan. I never cared for the bright sound of the Taylors that I tried. 2021 I purchased a GS Mini (sapele) and 2022 I purchased a 522CE. I could not be more pleased with two guitars, my Martin 0-18 is probably still my favorite, but, my522ce has become my go-to guitar for the Acoustic Challenge. Being a new guitar, I expect the tone to only get better with time. My next guitar? A Taylor 12-string sure sounds nice.

  8. Love my mahogany GS-Mini and happy to see included on your list. It can easily travel anywhere with me – boats, planes, and yes trains. Much said about its compact size being handy for kids and others. At a shrinking 6’4″ and official weight of two hundred and too many pounds I find it a perfect fit. A couple times I’ve thought I wanted to add another full size Taylor, but even with other models up to $2,500 I can’t justify based on tonal quality. Somewhat interestingly and counter-intuitively, I believe I get a better sound when playing near the front of the sound hole rather than back near the bridge as with many full sized guitars.

  9. Hi Tony,
    I’m a catch and release guy from way back. Years ago I wanted to resume playing and compared a Taylor 410 to a Martin D-18. No comparison – the 410 I played was lights out better. So over the years I’ve caught and released many Taylors including a 420 (in my guitarsenal now), a K14CE – very nice but not top 5 territory. two 410 including one legends of the fall maple sides and back (yes, it was bright), and two R Taylors; a Style One and a Style Three. The Style One offered a beautiful voice like silk on a piano, but just a bit quiet…and btw, all of these were very playable…but, the Style 3 was all that and a bag of donuts. Better than a Doerr Solstice or Charis (also caught and released), and as good as any master built acoustic I’ve ever heard. They are like a dream to play. You can flat pick, finger pick, punch the volume, or keep it mellow – it is a concert or OM size, feather weight, super resonate, and like warm butter on a sunny day. It makes you a better player, and blows the doors off the K14CE Builders Edition. In Sum – R Taylor Style 3. It will change who you are as a player. Have fun, and thanks!

  10. I don’t know about the best having only played a few Taylors. I really like my GC8 for finger style. They don’t make it anymore. I think I need to check out the K22ce. Probably plays like the GC8 with more warmth…

  11. I agree with the 12 string at 3. i played very much as a beginner, but it was SO easy to play. MY favorite is my 314ce Builders Edition. So beautiful aesthetically and tonally and amazing to play.

  12. I’ve played the baby taylors and much prefer the GT Urban ASH. Extremely comfortable to play, with better projection and tone. The perfect couch guitar.

  13. Tony, thanx for the tip on playing injured. I just had surgery on my fretting hand and can’t play at all. So I will use a tip from a previous member which was to just watch and stay up to date that way.

  14. Thank you, another great TAC.
    You left out the Taylor 224ce Koa Deluxe. Great neck, grand auditorium cutaway, gorgeous tone, looks amazing. Decent built in pickup.
    Okay, not as even – a bit scooped- but heck of a guitar and case for well under $2K.
    Love mine. And I have previously owned a vintage Martin D18 and Guild D40. So I am a bit picky. Was not a Taylor fan- but this one changed my mind. Yes Taylor offers even better Koa guitars- but not at this price…

  15. I have a pawnshop purchased Taylor 214ce-K DLX that has a marvelous tone, but two years ago I bought a 812ce 12-Fret DLX that is my go-to due to of its smaller size, since I’m 5’1″ tall. However, after many years, I am looking forward to playing my 1961 Martin 000-18 after the required neck reset is completed. Don’t ask.

  16. Great list…still, love my 912-ce builders edition…some day I’ll get around to taking that Guitarsenal pic for you 😉

  17. Great list of the best Taylors! Just to clarify, the K22ce played in the honorable mentions looks to actually be a K22ce 12-Fret.

  18. I always wanted a Martin D-28 or the Taylor equivalent, tried alot of both and ended up with a ColeClarke talesman 2. Sorta plays like a Taylor but sounds like a Martin.
    What do you think about them.

  19. So, you mentioned different tuning this week. I began my TAC journey in December and I am not sure that I totallay understand “different tuning” or how to do it. Would like to have a more in depth lesson on it, or if there is one please do tell. Thanks Angie (Durham, NC)

  20. I just purchased a Taylor 714ce LTD Edition made with Tasmanian Blackheart Sasafrass and Lutz Spruce. I love the crisp upper notes as well as strong bass. What’s your opinion about this model? I must admit that I was definitely drawn in by the looks, which are absolutely awesome.

  21. Cool to see a mini in the list. I have been thinking about a “travel guitar” and this fits the bill. I am still a novice, can anyone remark about how options like Electronics and Cutaway and how they impact the guitar? I am thinking of no cutaway and no electronics to keep this simple.

  22. I was so happy to hear the Taylor mahogany mini in your list of the top 5, Tony. I love my mini. You said they’re good for kids or travel, but honestly it’s a blessing to have my guitar fit my size! (5’2″ soaking wet or not). Loving the challenge you offer everyday. You’re a joy! By the way, I’m 76, just getting started. Guitar Geeks unite!