10 Acoustic Guitar Channels You MUST Watch • Acoustic Tuesday 235

I messed up a few weeks ago. I made a top 10 guitar YouTube channels to follow. But there weren’t enough acoustics. All that changes this week.

This week, we’re taking a look at my favorite acoustic guitar YouTube channels. From the more popular to the under the radar, this list is sure to dazzle and delight you. Did I mention there are no electric guitarists?

The whole point of the episode is to get you learning. However, I have a big caveat. YouTube is a super easy way to get distracted. You can go down a rabbit hole, through a worm hole, and out in the land of procrastination.

To avoid that situation, I want you to stay focused! Don’t click on the suggested videos or get sidetracked. You’re here on a mission. I want you to enjoy checking out these other YouTube guitar channels, but make sure you don’t get too distracted!

Featured on this episode…

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  1. Well Tony, I just completed my 2nd TACaiversary, It reminded me that I like you, predict the NHL cup winner and say this is the Flyers year….LOL every year. For some reason I’ve been getting into learning the Blues, I ‘m Wondering if there is a connection here…Mmm? Gritty is back where he belongs. I heard Gordon Shumway is behind the Whiskey Barrel planning his return. But will his 2nd run at fame begin on Acoustic Tuesday? Or the remake?
    Hello my name is Al and I’m an acoustic Guitar addict. Learning to play is not about copying another’s song and playing it his way. I believe it’s good to learn the correct way to play a song. Then I like to add a little Al to it. Each days challenge adds something to my playing, a twostep into a G or a Drop in. If that is how you say it. Pull offs, hammer on. I’m working on Catfish John, Allison Krauss/NGDB and Jerry Garcia versions. I’m finding this a song a great song have where adding inflections to a really easy song has been really increasing my skills to memory. It’s just down right fun to learn playing the guitar. Thanks for leading the way. Have a Grateful Day!

  2. Ooops…I think there’s a typo on the title of this episode. Should be 235, not 135. However, this episode and episode 135 from March 24, 2020, are both great, as usual! 🙂

  3. I would recommend The Acoustic Shoppe in Springfield MO. John, Jeremy and their brother on bass all do a good job showing off guitars and talking about guitar geek stuff.

  4. Hi Tony, I am a three year TAC student (currently on sabbatical) and simultaneously a student of Swift Guitar lessons. It is absolutely dumbfounding that Rob Swift – Swift Guitar lessons- has not made either of your two lists of excellent guitar sites. Rob Swift is a professional musician, song writer (check out “I See You In The Small Things” uTube), music producer and teacher. What distinguishes Rob is his consistent, outstanding teaching method. He simply has no equal.

  5. Tony, forgot to mention the hybrid style you spoke to my son called “Chicken Pickin” anyway that was my favorite styles and one you obviously know very well. Thanks for you patience Chief! Mike

  6. Tony, wanted to tag into Acoustic Tuesday but had to work through lunch so I am watching it tonight. You asked who is my favorite acoustic guitarist, I’m not sure. I am leaning on you for that guidance. What I am in love with at the moment is the Traveling Willburys. I am working through my initial week with you and feel a bit overwhelmed. I have forgotten how to form chords outside the basic GFDABC much less the minors. But, my win is I am having fun learning the exercises you are teaching. Just got my metronome and my acoustic guitar while listening to my first weeks challenges. Got to toughen up my fingers and teach them how to stretch. Here is something you may find amusing. One of my twin sons is a professional musician (Graduate in the performing arts from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in Jazz Guitar) and has played from Main to Texas but settled into teaching and building custom guitars. Anyway, over the Easter Weekend I bragged to him about my new guitars and desire to re-enter the world of playing. I showed him your lesson material and he encouraged me to hang with you, particularly for consistency. You were right! His lessons are many times the cost of yours and he and I discussed that a bit. I would consider myself a rank beginner and feel a touch intimated by the the deluge of info you have given me to date. But! As you suggested, I will stop attempting to master every lesson and move forward with the knowledge I can always go back on my own time and work on previous lessons. So far having a great time and tonight will attempt to go back and mark lessons 1-5 as complete and move forward. I am giving my lessons a 1/2 minimum per night if not more because I am so excited at learning guitar properly. And I am working 12 hour shifts and working on my Masters degree that I will complete this yea! If you don’t mind dragging a 68 year old dude along with you I am willing and will become able. Mike

  7. Hello Tony, Please consider these channels:
    1. Deltabluestips
    2. John Hatcher- Blues Guitar Institute
    3. Lance Allen Studios
    Enjoyed your show today! can’t wait to learn the TAC lick!

  8. It took me almost 5 years but I too am where Albert is at with his guitar playing. Quite not 90 min.per day but close to an hours. Thanks TAC.

  9. Jody Carroll changed the way I play. When I saw him live and saw how he kept that rhythm going with his foot tap, something connected in my head unlike anything before and I took that practice away from the show and integrated it into my playing! He is a super cool dude.

  10. We here in Minnesota are very happy to have Fleury on our squad. Looking forward to the Wild shutting out the Hawks in the future. PS. I grew up in Chicago and used to listen to the Blackhawks under my covers on my transistor radio. This was in the Bobby Hull days.