12 Musicians to Kickstart Your Songwriting • Acoustic Tuesday 259

Songwriting and the craft behind it are mysterious. From lyrics to melody to rhythms, there are so many pieces to juggle. To help you get inspired and write your first song, check out these 12 songwriters to help kickstart your songwriting journey!

Writing a song is a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. It should be a liberating process that allows you to express yourself. If that doesn’t sound like your process, I want you to check out some of the songwriters in this episode. 

There’s a little something for everyone. Whether you’re into moody and dark explorations of the soul, or the more whimsical moments of life, these songwriters are sure to inspire you. The key is to listen widely and find what makes you want to sing, write, and play more. 

Songwriting isn’t an easy process, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one—unless, you prefer it that way! This episode is for the creatively-blocked or the too-shy-to-start. No matter where you are on your songwriting journey, you can find something that’ll inspire you today!

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Featured in this episode…

  • Simon Flory  
  • Jeffrey Foucault  
  • Caitlin Canty  
  • Dead Horses  
  • Courtney Hartman  
  • Bayou Concerts  
  • Tom Catmull  
  • 11thAndGrant  
  • Travis Yost Music  
  • Riddy Arman  
  • Benjamin Tod  
  • John Moreland  
  • Old Town School  

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  1. Thanks for this breath of fresh air Tone! It is always great to hear new songwriters, especially those under the radar, for me they are the very heart behind the guitar. Check out Steph MacPherson from Victoria, BC.

  2. Under the radar song writer(s): a duo out of California, Nathan and Jessie. For the most part up beat, totally original, and they both play resonators! What can be better? They both write and I enjoy efforts from both of them. A number of albums out there on various streaming platforms.

  3. Hey Tone,
    I’ve mentioned him to you before and I think he still flies under the radar, so to speak. He’s been around for quite a while and has collaborated with Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, and Pink Floyd, among others. It’s Roy Harper, an eccentric British folk artist predominantly from the 70’s and vocalist on Pink Floyd’s track “Have a Cigar” from Wish You Were Here.

  4. Two amazing (both younger women) songwriters I’ve known for a while but both having great material now:
    — Caroline Spence — gaining popularity opening for American Aquarium, etc. and her latest album True North contains some fantastic material!
    — Christy Hays — introduced to her work (and her personally) by a friend, she is able to instantly bring you into her songs. One listen of her new Sad Songs For Lonely People album I was impressed and certain it will live up to her previous outstanding River Swimmer album. She’s actually more local to you Tony (I believe you know her) in Montana than here in Spokane, WA, but deserves a following!

  5. Thomas Dybdahl- I Need Love Baby, Love, Not Trouble
    I guess he is pretty famous now, but this is one I love.
    Jaromír Nohavica – Minulost
    Also too famous to be under the table?

  6. Hi Tony, Thanks for another inspiring guitar geek show! I want to nominate one of my favourite local (eastern Ontario, Canada) singer songwriters for your list: Julian Taylor. His album “The Ridge” is currently one of our most enjoyed, and he is about to release a new one called “Beyond the Reservoir”. He is not with a major label, so not sure how easy it is to find his stuff. My partner and I attended a show he played last weekend and so were able to get the new album. Julian’s singing and songwriting are amazing, and he has some serious guitar chops, too. Check him out at juliantaylormusic.ca. Oh, and thanks for the new Fretboard Wizard program, too! I have to admit I waffled some on whether to enrol, but after the first session I’m very glad I did. You will be happy to know a big influence on my choice was the rave reviews all your veteran TAC fam folks were posting. Plus I realized how much more disciplined I am since joining TAC, so figured that would continue with FBW.

  7. Jaimee Harris.
    Pat Byrne.
    Crystal & Pete Damore (Ordinary Elephant).
    Walt Wilkins.
    Tiffany Williams (there are several, I mean the coal miners daughter from eastern Kentucky, now living in Nashville.