6 years of legit guitar wisdom in 20 minutes • Acoustic Tuesday 309

You know what happens when a sitcom does a clip show?

On today’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday, we’re going down memory lane. This particular memory lane is six years long, with endless bits of wisdom sprinkled all along the way. There truly is no shortage of things to learn from the Acoustic Tuesday catalog.

So, what’s up with all the nostalgia?

There are some changes coming to the Acoustic Tuesday show. But before you go through a period of change, it’s nice to take stock of where you’ve been and where you are right now.

Reflection is a practice in gratitude. It grounds you. It makes you remember why you do things in the first place.

And when it comes to your guitar journey, reflection is most likely one of the best things you can do on a big-picture level. Because if you don’t stop to smell the roses every once in a while, what are you gardening for?

Think of this 6-year clip show as a reminder to reflect on your guitar journey. I’ve focused so much of my guitar journey on helping others achieve fun, focus, and progress in their playing. I’m not stopping any time soon. Things just might look different moving forward.

Hey, who said change is bad?

Featured in this episode…

  • Maneli Jamal

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  1. I have been a TAC follower for 2 1/2 years and over time and repetition it has been worth every penny and second. Just started printing off all lessons and saving them in a binder that I keep on a music stand. Good to go back and redo lessons. Also, just started looking at Acoustic Tuesdays(at 1.25 speed) and will gradually work my way back through 6 years of video. This might take a while. I probably will do Fretboard Wizard, eventually. I have put it off because of the cost, but need to learn to play up the neck better. Good show, good lessons, good insights. Thanks!

  2. Just listened to Episode 309, Acoustic Tuesday.
    Lovely stories and memories.
    Guitars for Vets! I also saw a dog. Dogs for vets.
    I love Guitar, I love dogs, I love family.
    I love improving my guitar playing.
    I love TAC!

    Thank you.

  3. Well Tony, right now as I write this. I’m listening to Susan Tedeschi’s latest album, song, Hurts so Bad.
    Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye. Goodbye is so final! I would rather say, Till we meet again!
    I started following a “Long haired Hippy looking guy” showed me how to change my strings. From there I now play Guitar daily and my update is, I’m down 100LBS! It’s the TAC Guitar diet. Refocusing addictions by accident.
    Watching you grow in the last 3 years has been amazing. Keep growing, my friend! I will be waiting for the next chapter to begin.
    Have a Grateful Day!

  4. This episode 309 is a stand-out episode because of you announcing that AT is coming to a close. I know that something great things are coming in the future. So, No Worries here!

    Thanks for everything, Tony.

  5. Tony, This is only my second week of watching the AT show and enjoyed this episode. I especially liked the final note about the words of wisdom because I’m just finishing the 30 Day Challenge and was getting frustrated with learning the Barre Cords. I needed to hear that. I appreciate your talent to teach. Especially us older folks. I’ll be looking forward to next weeks show which I plan to watch live.

  6. Hey Tony, I am really sad that you are moving on and not continuing Acoustic Tuesdays. I really really looked forward to all that gave us weekly and all the artist you would turns us on to. I know there are seasons and your is changing.
    I have an idea that I wanted to share with you. I think it would be cool if you would just post the AT shows from the beginning again, so that we that haven’t seen the early ones will have something to look forward to and you just have to post it weekly with little effort and we all benefit from it. Just a thought


  7. I joined TAC only a few Acoustic Tuesday episodes ago and it already started to become one of the highlights of the week. Good news for me: I don’t have to binge watch all the episodes that I missed the past 6 years. I can do it week for week just like it was the last few weeks 🙂

    Really excited about what you announce next week. For me the biggest cliffhanger since the guys in LOST watched down the just opened metal hatch at the end of season 1 😉

    What I really loved about AT was the integration with the TAC tuesday challenge. As challenges repeat once in a while it would be great if you could recommend past episodes of that fit to those challenges! But maybe your future plans hold something similar for the TAC family, anyhow!

  8. Oh, my stomach hurts and my heart aches! Seriously, I love Acoustic Tuesday! You’ve given me so much amazing information about the guitar, musicians, and styles. I am so very grateful, Tony! Big life changes are indeed hard, so I applaud you for doing what’s best for your life. I look forward to your last episode to hear what the future may hold. (Acoustic Wednesday. please!?! Lol.) Here’s to you, Tony, for making a positive difference in so many lives!

  9. I fondly remember watching some of those early sessions with Noah and Levi, but foolishly, took me several years to get on board, but so glad I finally did!

    How great you got to see Dan Fogelberg with your Dad! He came out and did a set with Little Feat when I saw them circa 1977. I was already a Fogelberg fan at that time, but he absolutely blew me away with his guitar playing skills. Maybe some day you’ll work a Dan Fogelberg-esque lick or technique into one of your weekly challenges?

    I really appreciate you consistently encouraging us to venture outside of our comfort zone. Looking forward to what new changes and style you have in store for the TAC family. Bring it on!

  10. Thank you Tony for all the inspiration and for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with this guitar community… You have successfully set the wheel in motion for most of us here to continue playing the guitar regularly. I am very grateful to you for setting me on this wonderful guitar journey.
    I shall miss the Tuesday events, but all my best wishes with your future plans.

  11. Been here since April 2020! My life changed when my job disappeared because of The Pandemic! I do hope TAC will continue as I have learned so much in the last 3 years! Need to know what’s happening next as AT and TAC are an important part of my life! Thanks Tony!

  12. You inspire me. I love Cathy’s story. Unfortunately, I never took the time to watch Acoustic Tuesdays until very recently. I didn’t realize how important it was to my journey. I really appreciate all you do and your philosophy and how important your family is to you. That’s why your grounded. That’s why I’m grounded. I’d love to find some guitar geeks in Phoenix to play with and I will l check out Guitars for Vets. Maybe there is a Phoenix branch. Tony, I love your guitar playing, teaching, and your essence. Thanks for everything.

  13. Whoa!
    Dropping bombs on Tuesday Tony; no matter – I’m along for the ride and looking forward to the next.
    Great episode – very cool to see your perspective and growth.

  14. Really have enjoyed Acoustic Tuesday and of course TAC and the entire community. Congratulations on having the strength to recognize when you need to make a significant change. Sometimes it easier to just keep sailing the ship even if you know it is heading towards a reef. It takes a lot of energy to turn the ship. I have so much to be grateful for TAC and this community. I came to TAC during a very challenging time in my life and the journey I am on now happened because of TAC. My story with regard to writing and releasing music was captured on Episode 277. I have over 8,000 streams of my music in cities all over the world. Its not a lot in the streaming world but it is fun to share what I have developed – and again – non of this would have happened without TAC. So thank you !!

  15. Tony,

    My Tuesdays will never be the same! Thank you so much for the experience and keeping my focus on my guitar journey.

    I can tell by the emotion in your voice and face that it was not an easy decision to end Acoustic Tuesday. I look forward to continuing our journey down a different path.

  16. I’m super bummed! I listen to this show every week and look forward to it. You have inspired my love for acoustic guitar even though I was already playing it frequently. I didn’t have as much of an appreciation or even know all that could be done with an acoustic guitar until I started watching this show. I will greatly miss this part of my week and I just want to say thank you for this show and all of the things you opened me up to related to the guitar. I have a nice collection of bluegrass and blues on my apple music now!
    I hope to be able to join TAC again someday and hope I will see and hear more from you in the future. Thanks Tony!

  17. I don’t think I have missed a single episode of AT. I have to say that I enjoyed the earlier ones the most: the interplay with Noah, Allie and Levi, the more immediate and personal presence before the pretaped shows and before the “guitar routine” psychobabble. AT has been one of the means of showing me the wide world of guitar which has enabled me to narrow my focus to what I want to learn and play. I’m not sure I would have gotten there without TAC.