April Progress Party (REPLAY)

Welcome to the Q2 of 2021 Guitar Progress Party replay! To make sure you don’t miss the next one, go here to see the schedule.

In this Progress Party:

00:00 – Intro
02:37 – Announcements
11:39 – 90 Day Goal Setting Workshop
57:28 – TAC Family Focus (feat. Sharon T. and Don C.)
1:11:25 – Giveaway Details and How You Can Win a Gibson SJ-200 (+more!

What is the 90-Day Progress Party?

These Progress Parties happen at 11am Mountain Time on the first Wednesday of these months:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Why should you show up?

In the workshop, Tony will guide you through reflecting on your wins from the last 90 days and help you create your next 90-day goal. This is a major bonus to your TAC membership that’s designed to help you re-focus and get inspired by success stories from your fellow TAC Family – and share your own wins! You’ll also get the first look at TAC news and updates.

A replay will be available within a day or two of the live workshop, just click the “Progress Party Replays” link on the right of the Acoustic Tuesday show section of the website.

And here’s a tip! During the breakout session Tony will have a special discussion so even if you attended live you may want to view the replay to see what he discussed!

We hope to see you at the next live Progress Party!

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  1. Hi, can anyone help please? I am trying to post to the ‘show off your routine’ forum and the first 2 attempts a few days ago didn’t seem to post. I tried again today and it told me there is multiple posts, so won’t accept it…but I have scrolled through all of the posts and cannot see mine anywhere? What is happening? Should I be able to see my own post? Thanks.

  2. I’m new, and I go with the flow. What you are doing is very cool in sharing guitar playing, music, connection. Stories are interesting. Keep it brief and to the point. Like Hemingway did with prose, you do with music. Tony we will get better every day, like Hemingway. He worked everyday.

  3. For some reason I couldn’t log into the zoom party, I did watch the replay. Hopefully I will be able to join the next one.

  4. Watching now, wish I tuned in live, but it is on at 3am local time here…I wasn’t that organised! I am inspired to set an alarm and wake up early to be a part of it next month!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the April Progress Party and the Zoom format. It was great to see members faces and meet and chat with a few in the breakout rooms.

  6. Just watched your replay. Since I only just started with TAC on Tuesday, I decided not to log in live. It was great listening how others practiced their guitars. It inspired me to do something similar.

    1. Hey @William-S

      The Golden Pick is still up in the air a bit. It’s related to a fun “TAC Family” feature that is coming out in a few weeks 🙂