Don’t Make this Guitar Mistake in 2022 • Acoustic Tuesday 219

I’m going to share with you a common guitar mistake that I see people make all the time. This video will give you an idea of what not to do when it comes to setting your guitar goals for 2022.

There are plenty of ways to succeed in the new year. Whether you’ve been playing guitar for years or are just getting started, I hope this episode can help you find success in your guitar journey! With decades of experience under my belt, I’ve noticed some common mistakes people make when setting their guitar goals for the new year.

By following along with this episode, I hope you can avoid making these guitar goal mistakes and start living your best acoustic life!

Featured in this episode…

  • Dead Horses
  • Sierra Hull
  • Overhaul Guitars
  • Billy Strings

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  1. I’m now doing long sessions simply playing chords, moving between the ones I learned and not stopping even if I screw up or they’re a bit buzzy. These are really improving my chord skills and that pesky C chord I am beginning to land better than I used to. Using some simple strumming patterns, this actually sounds like guitar playing.

  2. What three “wins” I am most proud of?
    • First and foremost, joining Tony’s Acoustic Challenge was my very best “win” soon after obtaining my first guitar, a Taylor GS Mini. I discovered TAC while searching guitar tutorials on YouTube.
    • Secondly, accomplished four “Play for Us” forum videos: “Breathe” (August), “Cat’s in the Cradle” (September), “Behind Blue Eyes” (November), “Mary Did You Know?” (December). The TAC community’s support within the forums and messaging has been very encouraging and motivating. I had the good fortune to meet long-time TAC member MG for an in-person get together at my home. Hope Mike and I can jam many times here in North Carolina this new year.
    • Thirdly, guitar playing has benefited my 70-year-old arthritic fingers and left wrist through daily stretching exercises (Tony’s skill course) and playing guitar regularly. I have much improved dexterity and range of motion in both hands and wrists as a result.

    Just cannot believe how much enjoyment and wonderful instruction I have gotten by joining TAC!
    A true value for the year (that will be far less than $1/day by the time I renew in March). Will consider paying the lifetime membership at renewal.

  3. To pile on to other comments: Joining TAC in January was my #1 win and the foundation for all other wins that followed in my 2021 guitar world.
    Learning new patterns and chords
    Finally using a pick and getting comfortable with it
    Meeting a community of Guitar Geeks
    Playing in front of people at Open Mics
    My song writing exploded in volume
    Actually released an EP of original music!
    Looking forward to 2022!

  4. My stand out win, being “old and slow, but my work is poor”, is I have been very consistent. The 30 day class, took me 45+ days and the 10 minutes a day was more like 30+++, but am happy with my progress and learning, being a musical idiot with no prior musical knowledge. My 76 year old lack of finger flexibility has been a challenge, but have made gains there as well. This is an
    investment, as I have had to curtail working on Didgeridoo and Blues Harmonica, because much of my daily focus is on Diamond Willow art carving. along with TAC. Life is a process, not a product!

  5. My biggest thing I am starting to get comfortable with a couple of songs and I caught myself shying away from hard content here lately. I know that new material takes work and I need to embrace that, so I don’t just play the stuff I am familiar with until I get bored or discouraged.

  6. My Win , Big or Small. I have realized that discovering and falling into the acoustic rabbit hole. playing and discovering the acoustic world and music daily centers me. It’s the place I can go just for Me.

  7. Joined TAC in November. I’m practicing everyday. Abit overwhelmed initially, but am settling into and focusing on fretboard wizard and 30 days to play

  8. My best win in 2021 was performing for my entire family on Christmas Eve, played the ukulele and guitar, played them Christmas Carols and cover songs. That was hard for me to do but I’m happy I did it.

  9. My small win for 2021 was kinda major: I began participating more in the community and began recording myself playing the Wednesday improvisation sessions and posted them to the forum.
    This was an invaluable learning tool for me to judge how I was doing and also to gain feedback from members.

  10. I joined TAC Oct 17, 2021 and have only missed 4 days. I love it, After 30 years of wanting to play and a few failed attempts at learning, I am learning so much and finally I feel like a guitar player.

  11. Changing my strings and started to know the fretboard but they changed the schedules on me because I wasn’t a regular student. I should stick with your classes instead.

  12. My small win in 2021 was finding someone who could actually teach me how to play Acoustic guitar. I started my Guitar Journey in March 2015. I had no Music background; although I have loved Music my whole life. I had a total of three different guitar instructors who gave me private lessons—-2015 to 2020. When Covid came into the picture; my instructors stopped in person lessons. I was having frustrations of feeling like I was not making any progress. So for the most part of 2021 I was just lost and tried to practice on my own. In my life’s journey I found that most of the Guitar instructors I ran across where like most of the Chemistry Professors I had in school. They knew a lot about chemistry but didn’t know how to teach it to someone. So a lot of different Guitar instructors couldn’t keep me fulfilled. I have been a Hockey Fan since 1954 and I had a personal trainer for the past four years of my life. In looking at some You Tube videos I found Tony; and I finally felt like I found someone who could convey their message to me. When I watched the invite video and he talked about Hockey and hiring a personal trainer—-all my lights came on. I signed up and did my first lesson yesterday December 27, 2021. I feel motivated and inspired once again. Thanks Tony and I’m sure we will have a nice Journey!

  13. Hey Tony
    I limped along with an old guitar I bought in 1994 for 26 years. It was hard to play, which always discouraged me and led to decades of stagnation. This year I bought a high end guitar ( a Bedell dreadnaught that sounds killer and plays like a dream) and I have averaged 6 days a week playing for the past 4 months. I could have afforded to do this many years ago but went with my scarcity mindset out of habit and it really hurt my guitar journey. But it is better late than never and I am looking forward to never stagnating again.
    Thanks for all your help.

  14. #1 small win is finally being able to fingerpick. I’ve been taking some of the skills courses for fingerpicking and about a 2 months ago, bingo my brain and fingers sychronized!

  15. How consistent were you over the last year?
    Since April 21 I’ve made it a goal to play guitar every day!
    I never did this before!
    I joined TAC at the end of May this year and I’ve played 122 days with my longest streak being 70 days!

    What 3 small wins that you are most proud of?
    I played 70 days straight only missing the 71st due to illness
    My technique is much better, with a greater understanding of the fretboard and am now using all the fingers on my fretting hand.
    I now play in a band and we get together every Monday morning to play and have played gigs and one at our local music club, with the local best bands and players!

    What tweaks, will I make to your guitar routine too make it, better in 2022.
    I Need to get less distracted when playing! I Need to expand my song list and learn to play them without constantly looking at the words and chords!

  16. My #1 Guitar journey win of 2021 is that I finally started playing the guitar and stuck with it, practicing daily, after owning a guitar for 34 years and wanting desperately to play and never thought I would be able to. I AM finally a guitar player!

  17. My biggest win was I stopped listening to the negitive voices around me and bought a guitar and started playing using your program. WOW it is so much fun.